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We would like to inform you that Masterline d.o.o. became the official representative and distributor for Poynting Antennas products in the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Albania).

Poynting Antennas: their name comes from the Poynting vector, a directional measure of energy in an electromagnetic field.

They are one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of antennas. Poynting owns more than 50 patents and models that are widely used in its unique antenna solutions for enhanced wireless communication for 5G, LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, RF and other networks.



In 2021, Masterline celebrates its 30th anniversary of successful operation. An experienced team, with international experience, continues to strive to responsibly provide reliable, safe, future-ready solutions and looks forward to future challenges.


Berlin, Germany – AVM company released the news today that their FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable has received DOCSIS 3.1 certification from CableLabs – a world first for a router for cable connections that supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

CableLabs is an association of international cable network providers and has developed the DOCSIS standard for fast Internet via cable television. Congratulations! You can read the full news at the link.


At Masterline, we carefully and closely monitor all coronavirus-related measures and recommendations so that we can carry out all contractual obligations smoothly and with the utmost responsibility. We have adopted and we respect all the recommendations and limitations given by the authorities.

We have organized work at Masterline so that part of the employees is present at the company headquarters in regular business hours. The remaining employees will perform their work remotely, ensuring that they have secure access to all the necessary information resources that enable the smooth performance and fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

Maintenance contractual obligations will be performed in the same way as before. If necessary, we are ready to adapt in a very short time to create the conditions for safe and smooth fulfillment of contractual obligations.

We can be reached by phone and e-mail for more information.

Thank you for your trust and understanding.

Masterline team


Berlin, Germany – Computer Bild and connect magazines have compared and ranked repeaters and Mesh Wi-Fi systems in their current issues. The FRITZ!Repeater 3000 is owning the podium in first place. It was named the winner of the Computer Bild test. The FRITZ!Repeater 2400 secured second place and the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 shone as the value-for-money winner. Connect rated the combination of FRITZ!Repeater 3000 and FRITZ!Box 7590 as “very good”.

You can read more about it here.


Berlin, Germany – Computer Bild included the four new FRITZ!Repeaters 3000, 2400, 1200 and 600 in their test, comparing a total of seven. The FRITZ!Repeater 3000 came out on top: “The FRITZ!Repeater 3000 scores top marks with good Wi-Fi performance, the third frequency band, a range of smart features and ease of use. The FRITZ!Repeater 2400 came in in second place. Named best value for money, the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 crosses the finish line with its respectable Wi-Fi performance and intelligent features. Read more about it here.


Berlin, Germany – Company AVM has come out on top in the latest Stiftung Warentest router test, with three FRITZ!Box models leading the rankings.

Germany’s leading consumer watchdog rated the FRITZ!Box 7590 as “very good”, making it the clear test winner. The FRITZ!Box 7530 secured second place – with an overall grade of 1.6 and a quality rating of “good”. For cable connections, Stiftung Warentest recommends the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable. Please read more about it here.


Berlin, Germany – AVM company has introduced new routers that meet the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard at the 2019 IFA. FRITZ!Box 5550 can be used flexibly on all common fibre optic connections. Also with Wi-Fi 6, the new FRITZ!Box 5530 achieves the same wireless LAN speeds. The FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and a 2.5 Gbit/s LAN port, ensuring top speeds for all devices in the home network. Both fiber optic models, the FRITZ!Box 5550 and 5530, will be offered via network operators and retail outlets in 2020.

Wi-Fi 6 is the answer to the growing number of wireless devices in the home. From smartphones to tablets, PCs and televisions with 4K to smart bulbs, multiple applications run in parallel on such devices. Wi-Fi 6 ensures a fast and continuous flow of data on the devices, in part by reducing latencies. In addition, it is possible for mobile devices to achieve significantly higher data throughput with simultaneous longer battery life.

The Fritz!Box 6850 5G is the world’s fist all-in-one home network router for the new 5G mobile communications generation. The highlights include fast wireless LAN, gigabit LAN, a base station for telephony and Smart Home. Read more about it here.


Berlin, Germany – The experts have spoken: The FRITZ!Box 7590 is the best product for 2019 in the router category. Over 100 editors from a total of nine major European specialist media voted for the FRITZ!Box 7590 as best router 2019. In April and May editors from nine specialist media from the following countries were asked to vote for the best products in different categories: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK. All in all, the magazines have a reach of more than 20 million readers. Read more about the news here.


Little Falls, New Jersey, USA – Ceragon Networks Ltd. wireless backhaul specialist, today announced that a Tier 1 mobile operator in Latin America is taking another step in expanding and densifying its 4G network in multiple countries in Latin America with Ceragon. Ceragon is providing the operator with network design, rollout and optimization services using the company’s complete IP-20 Platform portfolio. The operator will leverage Ceragon’s millimeter-wave network densification solutions, along with microwave backbone solutions to address substantial increases in capacity demands. Ceragon expects these projects to be completed during 2019. New is available at the link.