30 years of telecommunications 

The company was founded with intent to sell, design, consult and maintain the telecommunication systems. We were among the first to start building telecommunication back-bone systems. In the 30 years of our existence we have spread from Slovenia to the markets of former Yugoslavia. Now we encompass the knowledge and development of products and services throughout Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Expansion and evolving

With the evolution of telecommunication technologies and the increasing size and complexity of the projects we have evolved from a local player to a leading system integrator in the region. The environment in which we work today is open for innovation that allows for evolving improvement of the environment, products, services the company and its employees. 


  • 1991 – Masterline Slovenia
  • 1997 – Masterline BiH
  • 2001 – Masterline FRY of Macedonia
  • 2009 – Masterline Croatia
  • 2016 – Masterline Switzerland
  • 2021 – Masterline 30 years


Exchange of information is a powerful tool of an individual and of the society and we as a company have always strived to share the information and thus do our part to continuation of the society evolution.